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December fund update – a truly amazing response

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December fund update – a truly amazing response

December 3, 2015      In Uncategorized No Comments

Greetings all,

It’s December and the new website for the fund is now a month old.  I debuted the site on Veterans Day, optimistic there would be good support for the project.  I shared the site around in November and received some coverage in the Carbon County News – getting people talking about the fund is the best way to grow its support.

Yesterday I checked with Montana State University about the status of the fund, thinking in my head that $1,000 or $2,000 raised in the first month would be a good benchmark for success.  When I saw that over $4,000 has been donated since the launch of the site, it was an amazing surprise.

This sum is an excellent starting point for the project.  It puts the fund about $11,000 shy of where it needs to be to make an award for the fall semester, and we have until the end of May to raise that money.  We are in great position to support Montana State veteran students this fall but let’s keep this momentum going!

Please consider a one-time or continuing donation to the Wade Christiansen Purple Heart Scholarship Fund.  All donations are tax-deductible (if you donate this month, the deduction can apply to your 2015 tax filing), and 100 percent of your donation will support education for veterans and military families right here in Bozeman at Montana State University.  Remember it’s not just money that helps – word of mouth is just as valuable.  Tell your friends, your family, your dog, your cat – each individual share is another step for the project.

To those who have already supported – please understand how valuable your efforts are for service members and military families at MSU, as well as for my family personally.  To support those who have sacrificed for our collective well-being while preserving the memory of my brother and my best friend – that is truly an utmost honor in my life.

All they way,



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