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Wade Christiansen Purple Heart Scholarship Fund Makes First Award

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Wade Christiansen Purple Heart Scholarship Fund Makes First Award

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Shane Heiser, the scholarship fund’s first award winner (left) and Matt Christiansen (right)

What an awesome night!  On Friday, April 29th, the Wade Christiansen Purple Heart Scholarship Fund made its first award at the annual Montana State University Veterans Appreciation Dinner in Bozeman.  Shane Heiser, a former Aerial Combat Camera Team Leader, received $1,000 to further his studies in farm and agriculture business.

Shane writes of his military career:

1e9ebf18-2bf7-48d1-a2de-dc4b72831fceI had a blast serving as an Aerial Combat Camera Team Leader. Not only were our images used by state and federal agencies but also television broadcasts, print magazines, and personal consumers. We worked with all military branches—including foreign forces—to document the good work that was accomplished. From combat aerial maneuvers training and real-world aerial cargo deliveries to clearing out enemy forces and developing village infrastructure, my combat camera teams broadcast all activities.  My work spread all across the Northern Hemisphere: Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Germany, and El Salvador.


Regarding his educational pursuits and career goals, Shane writes:

be1e2832-f3b7-4f9f-9977-aa7e1076a6f6Being a Bobcat is not about “hanging in there.” College is more than learning facts; this whole experience forces a tenacious mind set—like a wild Bobcat. One must decide to hunt down answers. Professors may be lacking in teaching ability; one must decide to hunt down teaching assistants. If they don’t have time, one must decide to hunt down tutors or find the learning centers. As the sun sets on the day, the Bobcat relentlessly pursues; from within, Montana State University pulls out a new essence of tenacity. Mental fortitude is the name of this game. I’m being re-tooled in MSU’s first college as a Farm and Ranch Agriculture Businessman. I am so very thankful for my God given ability to work through half of my economics degree plan thus far. I will be raising cattle here in Montana.

Congratulations, Shane!  The Christiansen family, all of our donors, Montana State University and the broader community thank you for your years of military service!  We are proud to help you achieve your educational and professional goals.

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The Wade Christiansen Purple Heart Scholarship Fund will continue making awards to outstanding veterans like Shane and their families in years to come.  Please consider a one-time or ongoing donation to the project.  All donations are 100 percent federally tax-deductible, and every cent goes to veterans like Shane transitioning from military to civilian life and pursuing an education.

A special thank you to Brenda York and Jessica Sullivan of the Montana State Veterans Services Office for all their effort and help in making the award event a success!

For inquiry about the Wade Christiansen Purple Heart Scholarship Fund, please contact:


Matt Christiansen, Fundraising Coordinator

(406) 425.1851


Brenda York, Director, Montana State Veterans Services Office

(406) 994-2824

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